Eclipses – What Happens in Our Bodies

AN ECLIPSE You may have noted that when an eclipse occurs strange things happen on your earth. The effect of the sun and your moon, their magnetic forces cause a change in the magnetics of your ea [...]

Moon Info

New Moons and Full Moons These moons are markers in each month that describe the nature of the emotional and practical energy we can access to assist our intentions and projects. At the New Moon, [...]

Moon Wobbles

All Lunar and Solar Eclipses are Moon Wobbles. Not all moon wobbles create eclipses. Moon wobbles and eclipses cause disasters and people die. Sometimes in large numbers! A total eclipse occurs wh [...]

The Planets

SUN Your essence, identity, the essential you, your inner child; father. Rules Leo MOON Your emotional reactions, security needs, home, family, ancestry; your mother. MOON’s NORTH NODE - Y [...]

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