All Lunar and Solar Eclipses are Moon Wobbles.

Not all moon wobbles create eclipses. Moon wobbles and eclipses cause disasters and people die. Sometimes in large numbers!

A total eclipse occurs when the full moon or new moon and the lunar nodes are conjunct; in exact alignment. These planetary events can be quite dramatic. A partial eclipse happens when the full moon or new moon are almost in exact [but not quite] alignment with the lunar nodes. Most moon wobbles aren’t associated with eclipses.

Most times no eclipse happens because the lunar nodes are too far north or south of the plane of earth’s orbit. When dealing in solar system terms “not quite” could be tens of thousands of miles. Moon wobble “Maximums” happen every 86.5 days. moon wobble periods are about 3 weeks in duration. They begin about 2 weeks before and last about 1 week after the exact event [Sun conjunct the nodes] in the heavens.

Carl Payne Tobey, the distinguished astrologer, mathematician, teacher and writer from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, discovered the moon wobble phenomenon. And, Carl Payne Tobey did it without the aid of a computer. Actually, the mathematical study of statistics is what gave Tobey the answer. Tobey was the original editor of Astrology Magazine.

Ancient astrologers associated the beginning and ending of wars, major battles, mine explosions and animal stampedes with Eclipses, both lunar and solar. These two types of eclipses can only happen about 2 weeks apart every 6 months and they really only occur about once every 2 years. Carl Payne Tobey discovered that disasters occurred about every 3 months and are correlated to geometric and mathematical squares to the possible Eclipse points.

During moon wobble periods, time & space are unstable. Usually people die [sometimes in great numbers] through dramatic releases of energy i.e. explosions, fires, mass murders, and boat, plane, train or vehicle accidents. Murphy’s Law seems to apply to this time & space called moon wobbles.

MURPHY’S LAW: Anything that can go wrong will and when things do go wrong, it will happen at the most inopportune time.

The writer might also add that in a moon wobble it seems the maximum goes wrong that can go wrong.

The best example for proving validity of this “Murphy’s Law- Moon Wobble” destruction connection, is that these dates were not eclipses. In these two moon wobbles the new moons-full moons were square, a 90 degrees aspect, to the lunar nodes. The dates:

  • December 20, 1987 – The Philippines. An inter-island ferry carrying over 3,000 holiday travellers collided with a huge oil/gas tanker in the inter-coastal waters of the busy Philippine Sea. The explosion was witnessed both by people on shore and by boats in the surrounding area. Within 20 minutes rescue crafts and planes were on scene searching for survivors. Astounded rescuers found nothing but an Oil Slick. All souls were lost. Incredible but true!
  • June 4, 1989 – In the Ural mountains of Russia, the old Soviet Union, a natural gas pipeline exploded killing 645 people. How did so many people die in such a remote area? Two trains coming from opposite directions just happened to be passing by each other at that instant, next to the exploding pipeline, and were totally engulfed by the mammoth fireball. Everybody died.


Geometry plays very big role in the moon wobbles phenomenon. Geometry is a very important part of astrology and mathematics. Moon wobbles also show that geometry and pure mathematics is relevant to astrology, astronomy, the public safety and science because both the lunar nodes and moon wobbles are nothing but calculated mathematical points. Major events on earth usually occur in relationship to these mathematical points.

Probably the best and most dramatic example of moon wobble’s 86.5 day disaster cycle, happened in the ominous year of 1986 when two types of man-made machinery failed, killing 7 people in a very dramatic fashion and hundreds in an atomic reactor’s non-nuclear explosion.

  • CHALLENGER SPACE SHUTTLE EXPLOSION – January 28, 1986 at 11:38 AM EST. 7 American Astronauts were killed.
  • CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR REACTOR MELTDOWN – April 26, 1986 at 1:23 AM local time in the Ukraine, Soviet Union. World’s first large nuclear disaster. A Massive-Nuclear-Radiation leak instantly kills 31 plus another 250 in the first week. That year at least 10,000 more die from radiation poisoning.

Obviously these events are not 6 months or 180 days apart but are about 90 days apart, so they both couldn’t be eclipses; only one of the events could occur during an eclipse. These events actually happened 86.5 days apart, almost precisely to the minute. These dramatic explosions show the truly awesome power of moon wobbles.

The lunar nodes were in early Taurus during both of these incidents. The eclipse happened on April 26 when the Chernobyl’s nuclear reactor core melted down. Naturally this was the bigger event for mankind as a whole. If the wind had not been blowing east during this calamity the death toll could have been massive. Luckily the wind wasn’t blowing west into central Europe; millions of people might have died.

Moon wobbles get their name from exactly that, the moon wobbling.

As the moon revolves around earth, it doesn’t remain in the same plane of space as it orbits this planet. The moon moves in a sine-wave type of action above and below earth’s equator and the plane of its orbit, also called the Ecliptic¬† [A sine-wave is two bell-shaped curves next to each other, one above an axis and another below the same axis]. The moon’s movement can vary up to 5 or more degrees above and below the plane of earth’s orbit which is also called the ecliptic. This sine-wave motion creates the mathematical points called lunar nodes. The lunar nodes also rotate aroundearth in a 19.5-year cycle.

Eclipses have the possibility of occurring about every 6 months. Eclipses don’t always occur because the determining factors for an eclipse, the lunar nodes, are not always lined up close enough to the plane of earth’s orbit to create those spectacular events. Close in Solar System terms though.

Squares, 90 degree Geometric angles to eclipse “possibilities” or new moon-full moon alignments are moon wobbles when the sun conjuncts the lunar nodes. 90 degree moon wobbles are just as unstable in time & space as eclipses.

More 90 degree moon wobbles :

  • November 21, 1980… MGM GRAND Hotel Fire in Las Vegas kills 87 people. [This Hotel is currently Bally’s].
  • August 12, 1985…. Japan Air Lines 747 crashes into mountain outside Tokyo killing 520 [2nd largest airplane disaster]. Miraculously 4 passengers survive.
  • December 31, 1986… Fire at Dupont Plaza Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico kills 97 people. Fire starts as result of protesting union employees.

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