New Moons and Full Moons

These moons are markers in each month that describe the nature of the emotional and practical energy we can access to assist our intentions and projects.

At the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are together, a massive concentration of energy in one place. This is an excellent time for beginning something new or starting off on the right foot. For instance, a new business, an important meeting, a marriage or relationship, selling or buying a home, a garden planting or anything that requires a strong foundation to see it through to completion. The Moon’s energies are waxing or building. Every event has its own birthchart and the Moon in that chart will operate for the life of the event or situation.

At the Full Moon the Sun & Moon are in opposite signs. This creates a tension between those two areas so that a balance is required. This is the time to harvest the results of what we started, to bring something to a head or a conclusion, even if that is only a concept or idea stage. The Moon’s energies will start to wane after the Full Moon so that would represent tidying up loose ends or setting the finishing touches.

Waxing & Waning Moons

A Waxing Moon is increasing in light (from New Moon to Full Moon).
A Waning Moon is decreasing in light (from Full Moon to New Moon).
A Dark Moon is the 2½ days before the New Moon. If possible, do not take any action until that time has passed. It is a gestation period and you may feel tired. Try to wait until after the first day of the New Moon has passed as we are still in a dark time until the 2nd day.

Birthday Moons

Birthday Moon

See which astrological sign holds the Moon on your birthday each year. That sign will be an emotional keynote for the year ahead. The effects could even be felt up to 2 months before your birthday. See how the Birthday Moon contrasts with your usual way of managing feelings and reactions. Also, see which aspects of life the Birthday Moon is suitable for and take that into account when planning the year ahead. If you have your birth chart, then notice which House the birthday moon activates; that area will show the type of theme for your birthday year. For example, a 4th House birthday moon will involve home and family; a 7th House birthday moon gives a relationship theme; a 9th House birthday moon will give a travel theme, further education, writing or publishing.
The New Moon in your Birth Month will also set a powerful keynote for the coming 12 months. Its sign may differ from your actual birth Moon.

Beginnings, new methods, new life, independence, going it alone, courage, facing a challenge, taking a risk, pioneering, taking the lead.
Steadfastness, trust, sensuality, property, wages, banking, security, stability, fine dining, art, pottery, sculpture, music, singing, fabrics, furniture, creative expression, gardens and nature.
Flexibility, variety, humour, marketing, advertising, radio, contracts, paperwork, siblings, neighbours, community, study, courses, local schools, books, magazines, news, phone calls, emails, short trips, motor vehicles, trains, trams, buses, computers & printers.
Home, family, ancestors, mother/mothering, home cooking, nurturing, accommodation, security.
Love, romance, passion, children, teaching, dancing, games, creative expression, parties, entertainment, theatre, movies, acting, making an impression, fun, pleasure, following your heart.
Attention to detail, analysing, office work, employment, tidying, repairs, housework, being helpful, office work, tradesmen, employees, doctors, alternative healing, pets.
Diplomacy, partnership, marriage, social events, teamwork, hosting, counselling, family law, beauty, fashion, harmony.
Jointly-held resources, taxes, insurance, inheritance, investments, others’ money, death, funerals, police, investigation, research, surgery, sex, psychologists, mysteries, recycling, rebirth, transformation.
Lawyers, law courts, legal matters, honours and rewards, long distance travel, foreign places/people, aeroplanes, ships, interstate buses and trains, interstate/international radio & television, universities, higher education, authors, publishing, storytellers, teachers, sport, horses, churches, religion, spiritual beliefs.
The boss, chairman, president, prime minister, the mayor, leaders, authorities, corporations, promotion, the top, career, responsibilities, reputation, status, image, recognition, retirement, the elderly.
Friends, groups, clubs, connections, humanitarian endeavours, workers’ unions, astrologers, inventors/inventions, eccentrics, your goals, social events, politicians, electronics, electrical equipment, television and radio networks, network marketing, the internet, hopes and wishes.
Hospitals, nurses, confinement, prisons, alcoholics, drug addicts, wine, alcoholic beverages, meditation, spirituality, musicians, movies, fantasy, spiritual healing, poets/poetry, privacy, dreams at night, self-undoing.


Whichever House the New Moon activates in your chart suggests that something new is developing in that area of life, especially if it connects with a natal planet or angle of the chart. The House that contains that latest Full Moon in your chart, shows that something is coming to a fullness or harvest in that life area.

Moon in FIRE


Expresses warmly, impulsively and enthusiastically.
Security is found through self-expression.

Moon in EARTH

Expresses cautiously, pragmatically and sensually.
Security is found in form and structure.
Moon in AIR

Expresses rationally, communicatively and objectively.
Security is found in the world of ideas.
Moon in WATER

Expresses nurturingly, emotionally and sensitively.
Security is found through emotional intimacy.

The 12 Houses

The physical body, your environment, fresh starts, new directions, your personal style, doing it your way.
Your values, earnings, finances, purchases, your job or business, business deals, possessions, your voice and your self-worth.
Communications, studies, siblings, neighbours, contracts, short trips, phone calls, emails, paperwork, meetings, local advertising, word of mouth, magazines, newspapers, writers, composers, poets, motor vehicles.
Your home, family, ancestors, early conditioning, security, parents (father of a female & mother of a male), real estate, interior decorating, renovations, the land, endings.
Romance, lovers, fun, pleasure, entertainment, theatre, parties, gambling, children, your first child, creative expression, teaching, dancing, sport.
Work, daily grind, duties, service to others, analysis, physical health, doctors, alternative healers, tradesmen, pets, employees or co-workers.
Marriage, committed relationships, husband/wife, business partners, teamwork, divorce lawyers, open enemies, negotiation, family law.
Death, inheritance, joint resources, others’ resources/money, banks, taxes, insurance, investments, psychotherapists, surgeons/surgery, detectives, recycling, the supernatural.
Spiritual beliefs, religion, higher education, lecturing, long distance travel, foreign people and cultures, import/export, publishing, international advertising, adventures, sport.
Career, reputation, public image, authority figures, a parent (mother of a female, father of a male), status, the boss.
Friends, connections, your goals, hopes & wishes, innovative ideas, groups, choirs, musical groups, politicians, workers’ unions, social occasions.
Secrets, privacy, self-undoing, addictions, confinement, hospitals, prisons, animal shelters, nursing homes, hideaways, the subconscious, psychological & spiritual health and healing, meditation, spiritual growth, anything hidden.

(for further information see Jan Spiller’s book, “New Moon Astrology.”)