Please, please share these little bubbas. Tonight we have kittens and lots of them. Clusters of tabbies of different ages in three different pens. Some of them may seem a bit standoffish but pick [...]

Lunations 2019

2019 NEW & FULL MOONS (Daylight Saving Time included for Victoria, Tasmania & NSW) DATE TIME MOON PHASE ASPECT NOTES Sun Jan 06 12.30 pm New Moon 15 Capricorn 25 Partial Solar Eclipse Mon Jan [...]

Eclipses 2019

When making important decisions it is best to wait until after an eclipse has occurred as they often produce major change. DATE TYPE HOUSE/ASPECT January 6 Partial Solar Eclipse 15 Capricorn 25 Ja [...]

Retrogrades 2019

Life’s Turning Points All of the planets go retrograde (seem to move backward) during a year, but not the Sun or Moon. These periods force us to reassess or reconsider our plans, behaviour pattern [...]