From Anonymous ( I can’t remember where I found this info ):

Earth, our long-suffering Mother, is lifting her vibration to the 5th Dimension. The completion of her process will take quite some time. Meanwhile, humanity must also lift its vibration in order to stay with Her. It is the level of unity, loving kindness and unconditional love. The process of ascending causes the past to rise into our awareness for release; this includes old painful memories, old hatred, grief, fear, anger and trauma.

These stuck emotions can be released through the assistance of a psychologist, an alternative practitioner like a kinesiologist, a homeopath, Reiki practitioner, vibrational healing work and psychic healing. There are many other modalities available, including Sound healing.

It is up to us to do this inner work as a priority because it lightens Mother Earth’s load and lifts our vibration, causing us to feel more connected and loving with the outside world.

The evidence of Earth’s ascension is shown by the breakdown of society’s systems that will become no longer workable, the level of crime and injustice, as well as terrorism, poverty and hunger. These are unaddressed areas that must change. Disasters and the breakdown of structures of government, like social security, insurance, jobs, will cause chaos .

From Dolores Cannon’s book, The Three Waves of Volunteers, Page 554 :

“Our bodies and everything around us are now increasing their vibratory rate and adjusting to a new frequency.

Every cell of the body begins to vibrate at such a fast rate that it turns into light. When every cell is vibrating at a very high rate you will disappear from normal vision and move into a higher dimensional reality. You will not go through the death process as you will then have a Lightbody. Ageing will not exist for you as you will have stepped into the fifth dimensional reality and can access the next stage of spiritual evolution.

Dolores Cannon: “Convoluted Universe Book 3”

Meditation is important because it raises our vibration to handle stronger energies and multi-layered energies of various vibrations. Eat good foods and feed the mind with worthwhile information, be with people of good heart and good vibration. It is also important to overcome fear through doing the inner work. Take care of the body and speak mindfully. There is violence when you condemn someone or make fun of them.

There will be a time when people are running in the streets, confused and in fear.
Those in power want to keep people in fear and will try every tactic to stop that fear from dissipating. The diseases are not epidemics as they are portrayed to be. The media presents information to the masses that is negative and fear-based.