July 3, 2019 at 5.17 am
AEST Melbourne, Australia
(July 2 in Northern Hemisphere)

An eclipse is a forerunner of change; it relieves the pressure. A Solar Eclipse represents a point of realignment and lays the foundation for new projects or experiences.

In Cancer, this total eclipse is about home and family as well as your inner home, where you live within, as well as your lifestyle. A shift is taking place within you and this eclipse will bring events as catalysts for this inner and outer change in yourself and your life. If the eclipse makes a conjunction or opposition to one or more planets in your horoscope it shows destiny at work, creating a new direction.

As the Sun moves around the Zodiac throughout the following 12 months, it reactivates the eclipse degree 3 months later, triggering the potential promised by the solar eclipse. These often coincide with a specific event suggested by the eclipse or a central issue brought into focus. The overall average lifespan of an eclipse is three and a half years, during which the eclipse degree remains sensitive.

The solar eclipses this year are repeats of the year 2000. Check back to that year for an idea of what is making a major renovation of your life now.

At 4 LEO 28
From Monday July 8, 2019
To Friday, August 2, 2019
At 23 CANCER 57

Mercury represents the mind and communications and its composition is strongly of iron. When it comes closer to Earth in its retrograde motion, it affects our brains and electronic equipment so that we easily become forgetful and confused and computer systems go down or motor vehicles can have problems; people may drive badly on the road.

It is wise not to sign a contract or purchase any major electronic equipment like a computer, mobile phone or car under this influence. It is best to complete unfinished projects, make repairs, and reassess your plans. When Mercury goes retrograde, the forward momentum seems to stop dead, creating confusion. I you are travelling under this influence, label your luggage very clearly; don’t forget your passport or double check what’s on the ticket.

In Leo, this Mercury Rx may involve children, a love affair, pleasure, fun and creative expression. Whatever your plans are, it will be time to say goodbye to your old life, or your old way of doing things, and embrace the new by following your heart. Someone from the past may return for reassessment or completion, or you look more closely at someone new and the relationship potential.

July 16, 2019 at 7.39 am
AEST Melbourne, Australia
(July 15 in Northern Hemisphere)

A lunar eclipse occurs at the time of a Full Moon when the Earth gets between the Sun and Moon, cutting off the light and heat of the Sun from the Moon. A lunar eclipse represents sudden awareness of things previously hidden, a revelation or culmination. It connects with your soul and your feelings.

This one is a call to let go of old fear, possibly fear of change and the inappropriate control of your feelings. It will provide events that help you to express your feelings more authentically in every Now moment. In fact, its role is to help you see that life is more rewarding when you loosen up. A partial lunar eclipse provides sudden awareness of something previously out of sight, like a revelation or wakeup call. In this case, it applies not only to personal expression but also to mundane matters like home, family, job, business, reputation, what you’re known for.