Life’s Turning Points

All of the planets go retrograde (seem to move backward) during a year, but not the Sun or Moon. These periods force us to reassess or reconsider our plans, behaviour patterns and expectations as well as our relationships. This puts us in closer touch with our inner voice, which is often ignored under the pressure of daily life.

Many planets will retrograde this year, causing us to rethink our lives, creating a stop-start kind of year ahead. Delays to our plans are inevitable.

Mercury Retrograde
This planet represents communications, motor vehicles, travel, & appointments.
Try to avoid signing a contract, buying a vehicle, a computer or any major electronic equipment, or booking travel dates under these retrogrades which occur three times a year.
Mercury Rx in Pisces Feb 17 – March 10 Health/Clarity/
Mercury Rx in Cancer Jun 18 – July 12 Home/family/security
Mercury Rx in Scorpio Oct 14 – Nov 4 Finances/Personal power

Venus Retrograde
Venus Rx in Gemini May 14 – Jun 25 Beliefs/Information/Values

Mars Retrograde
Mars Rx in Aries Sep 10 – Nov 14 Courage/Action/New Directions

Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter Rx in Capricorn May 14 – Sep 13 Career/Responsibility/Ambition

Saturn Retrograde
Saturn Rx from Aquarius to Capricorn May 11 – Sep 29 Unity/Authority

Chiron Retrograde
Chiron Rx in Aries Jul 12 – Dec 16 Action/Exploring/Waiting

Uranus Retrograde
Uranus Rx in Taurus Aug 16 – Nov 2 Meaningful Change

Neptune Retrograde
Neptune Rx in Pisces Jun 23 – Nov 29 Intuition/Spirituality

Pluto Retrograde
Pluto Rx in Capricorn Apr 26 – Oct 5 World Transformation