Life’s Turning Points

All of the planets go retrograde (seem to move backward) during a year, but not the Sun or Moon. These periods force us to reassess or reconsider our plans, behaviour patterns and expectations as well as our relationships. This puts us in closer touch with our inner voice, which is often ignored under the pressure of daily life.

DST in Melbourne
March 6 – 5.14 am
Mercury Rx
29 Pisces 39
March 29 – 12.54 am
Mercury Direct
16 Pisces 06
July 8 – 9.11 am
Mercury Rx
4 Leo 28
August 1 – 1.54 pm
Mercury Direct
23 Cancer 57
Novemvber 1 – 2.36 am
Mercury Rx
27 Scorpio 38
Novemvber 21 – 6.06 am
Mercury Direct
11 Scorpio 35

Mercury is about communications. When Mercury retrogrades it is a time to reassess, repair, reorganise but it is not a good idea to sign a contract, buy electronic equipment, a computer system, a motor vehicle or make life-changing decisions. It is especially the wrong time to get married because there would be communications problems throughout the marriage. If you go on holiday during Mercury Rx, be sure to clearly label your luggage.

The planet Mercury is made of iron and when it comes closer to Earth during a retrograde, its energy disrupts our brains and electronics. People become forgetful, drive badly and make mistakes, unless they are born under Mercury Rx.
Machines, telephones and computer systems mysteriously misbehave or crash.
People born under Mercury Rx cope better than most.

DST in Melbourne
No Retrograde
No Retrograde
April 11 – 2.15 am
Jupiter Rx
24 Saggitarius 2
August 11 – 11.09 pm
Jupiter Direct
14 Saggitarius 30
April 30 at 9.57 am
Saturn Rx
20 Capricorn 31
September 18 at 5.07 pm
Saturn Direct
13 Capricorn 55
approx late July
Chiron Rx
5 Aries
approx late Dec
Chiron Direct
1 Aries
August 12 – 9.11 am
Uranus Rx
6 Taurus 37
November 11 – 11.11 am
Uranus Direct
2 Taurus 39
June 21
Neptune Rx
18 Pisces 43
November 27
Neptune Direct
15 Pisces 55
April 22
Pluto Rx
22 Capricorn 49
October 3
Pluto Direct
20 Capricorn 37